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An organic duvet that keeps you cosy at night, no matter the weather

Find yourself sweating beneath the sheets, and then throwing off your blanket only to shiver in the cold? Our exquisite Heveya® Organic Duvet is made to keep you snug no matter whether it’s hot or chilly out. Produced in Germany using only the highest quality organic cotton and bamboo lyocell fibre, this new addition to the Heveya® organic range is designed for sustainability, healthy sleep, and the ultimate luxurious night’s rest.
Going organic for better sleep
Whether it’s what we put in our body or what we put on it, there’s no better time to go organic than now. Many of the textiles we know and love require harsh chemicals and softeners during production, processes kept well-hidden from the public eye. But natural, healthy fabrics don’t need to be rough around the edges - that’s where the quality of the material matters!
Soft, natural and eco-friendly bamboo padding
Although the woody bamboo plant doesn’t seem an obvious choice for a soft fabric, its porous microstructure is incredible at regulating moisture and temperature. Bamboo is also naturally organic; it flourishes on its own and grows rapidly without chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Bamboo Lyocell from WRAP- certified plantations, unlike the older bamboo viscose or rayon textiles, minimises chemicals used in the softening process from the tough cellulose to soft fabric by recapturing 99% of the bamboo pulp each time. This relieves the environmental and health burdens on workers and the soil.
100% certified organic cotton casing
Unlike bamboo, cotton usually needs far more coaxing (ie. pesticides and fertilisers) to grow and harvest. However, all Heveya® products use only GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric and this duvet is no exception, avoiding the effects of VOCs, heavy metals and dyes on our skin and respiratory system. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate is awarded only to organic fabrics that meet strict criteria for chemical levels throughout the entire production cycle: that’s all the way from soil to cotton plant to finished fabric.
Certified Organic Duvet
Safety as a priority
If there was any doubt about the safety of these all-natural, high quality textiles, every component of this duvet (and the entire Heveya® bedding line) has an Oekotex Class 1 certification. That means it’s safe enough for babies to put in their mouths!
No compromises on comfort
Fuss-free maintenance
There are no feathers inside this duvet. Not only does down stuffing retain too much heat for warm weather, it also becomes lumpy when thrown in the washer. Imagine dutifully dry-cleaning your duvet every 3 months - that’s both a significant inconvenience and a not-insignificant burden on the environment. The bamboo-filled Heveya® duvet on the other hand does just fine in the washing machine up to 60 degrees celsius.
Breathable and hypoallergenic
Regular washing is definitely crucial to keeping the bed allergen-free, but bamboo’s incredible breathability works wonders in between washes too. Because it does such a great job of wicking away moisture from perspiration, the duvet doesn’t become a breeding ground for the two most common allergens (who also happen to thrive in humidity): dust mites and mould. As for temperature, if you’ve ever experienced wind chill, or stepped back into the warmth of the shower after a bath, it’s easy to see how regulating humidity regulates temperature, too.
Natural organic duvet by Heveya®
Where comfort meets nature
A truly organic duvet is a rare find. Consistent with the rest of the Heveya® range which includes organic latex mattresses, 100% bamboo lyocell sheets, and slatted bed bases, the unconventional materials used in the Heveya® duvet are produced with the strictest adherence to best business practices protecting the ecosystem, worker welfare, and your well-being. This is all while creating a product that is deliciously soft and perfect for all seasons - showing that you simply don’t need to choose between sleep comfort, the environment, and your health!
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