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Heveya® Flax Linen Sheets

Complement your mattress with the timeless appeal of linen, a rustic aesthetic to modern living.

All the way from Europe, bringing you a little something to pass on to the next generation. Relive your luxury vacation everyday with the most premium quality!

Natural And Sustainable Material

Made only with 100% pure European flax linen, a renewable & sustainable plant source. Our Heveya® Linen sheets come from European Flax plantations that are naturally organic because no insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers were used to grow them. All parts of the plant are useful and can be fully utilised from fibres to flax seeds, leaving no waste behind. Biodegradable and made from 100% natural fibers - there is no better way to help our planet heal while having a comfortable night's rest.

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180 GSM - Premium Quality Linen

Our Linen sheets are made entirely of European Flax with weight higher than the industry average! Linen is naturally the strongest and most long-lasting material in the market due to its ability to hold elasticity. The weight of the linen fabric is usually a great indicator of its quality, especially in terms of strength. A higher GSM offers you assurance that the linen you’re investing in is soft-to-touch yet incredibly durable. With proper maintenance, our Linen sheets are made to last for decades to come!

What others are saying


    We bought the Heveya® III King Mattress with Heveya® Pillows and Linen Sheets & the whole set is just amazing! The mattress is supportive, yet plush and soft, temperature control is great, pillows keep their shape and the linen feels luxurious.

    The team has been wonderful as well, from the service in store and after sales to the delivery team. I am really happy with our purchase. A premium experience from start to finish!

    Quentin Vaquette

    Heveya® Linen Fitted Sheet Set

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  • GREAT TEAM @ Heveya®

    Very good mattress, probably the best place in SG to purchase a mattress that suits the tropical climate. Professional team of people and great delivery team who set up everything smoothly. The Linen Sheets are great as well. Thank you Heveya®!


    Heveya® Linen Flat Sheet Set

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    Amazing service by Sarah & Moo from the minute we walked into the beautiful shop in Tiong Bahru. Really great team who were very helpful with choosing the right mattress and pillows for our style of sleeping. Love the Heveya® III latex mattress so far after a month of having it and the comfortable duvet and linen to go with it!

    Caroline Pitt

    Heveya® Linen Duvet Sheet Set

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Common questions

Should you iron Linen Sheets?

There is usually no need to iron Linen sheets as they are known for their draped and relaxed appearance. However, if you're someone that just can not stand the look of wrinkles, feel free to iron your Linen Sheets. Remember to keep your iron setting low-medium! It is also a good idea to make your bed when your Linen Sheets are slightly damp, as that helps smooth the wrinkles.

Do Linen Sheets shrink after washing?

Linen naturally has the tendency to break down and shrink - which is exactly why it is important to pay attention to its maintenance. Avoid using high-heat at all costs, especially when drying. Wash your Linen sheets with luke-warm water!

Can you wash Linen Sheets in the washing machine?

Yes, you sure can! Make sure to use luke warm water, ideally set your temperature at 40 degrees. Also, if you need to wash your Linen Sheets along with other garments, remember to combine only with those that have a similar light-weight textures and colors.

How often should you wash Linen Sheets?

A general rule of thumb for all your bedding is once a week - the same goes for Linen bed sheets, do give them a wash once a week to maintain a healthy sleeping environment!

What is your return policy?

Our Linen Sheets are excluded from our return policy due to hygiene reasons.

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