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Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Pillows

Enjoy the support your head and neck need night after night!

Naturally breathable and responsive, these organic latex pillows deliver comfort and optimal head & neck support.

Natural materials for healthier sleep & pure-lasting comfort

Our commitment to quality and the environment ensures that all our pillows and bolsters are made solely from pure natural latex. We take pride in collaborating with organic or FSC certified suppliers and in pioneering cooperations with agro-forestry plantations, raising the bar for sustainable rubber farming. Sleep easy, knowing there is no pesticides, heavy metals, VOCs or glues that may put your health in harm's way.

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Lasting Support And Comfort

Organic latex is an eco-conscious, highly durable material that offers the right balance between comfort and support. It is elastic and responsive, allowing it to facilitate sleeper's movement and perfectly align the spine, regardless of sleeping posture. All-point elasticity, a key feature of latex, also ensures equal pressure distribution to prevent painful pressure points and improve healthy blood circulation. 

Heveya® latex pillows are recommended by healthcare professionals for their premium support and comfort. Available in different firmness levels, you will surely find your match!

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What others are saying

  • Pillow of my dreams

    I have found the pillow of my dreams. I can sleep and wake up without any neck soreness. This proves that its support system is great. I bought a Soft Pillow - will definitely recommend it to others.

    Michelle CY Lim

    Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Pillow 2
    Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Pillow 2

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  • Great service and pillow

    I reached out to ask about their products and received a quick response and consultation to determine which pillow would be best. Arrived quickly and has been great for my neck. Discomfort other pillows caused gone overnight.

    Adam Horsewood

    Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Pillow 5
    Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Pillow 5

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  • Don't underestimate a good pillow

    I had a delightful experience with the sales representatives at Heveya® - I have such nice sleep at night, it is so worth it to have great pillows to rest and recharge for the next morning!

    Kelly Jeon

    Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Pillow 4
    Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Pillow 4

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Common questions

How do I clean my pillow?

Heveya® pillows come with a removable bamboo cover that can be dry cleaned.
In the event that stains went into the latex core, avoid putting it in the washing machine. Simply dab with wet cloth and mild detergent, then let the latex ventilate to dry.

Can I use a latex pillow if I have a latex allergy?

Generally, people develop latex allergy when they are in direct contact with the latex itself. However, with latex pillows, you will sleep on the pillowcase/cover. If you have a severe latex allergy and are unsure about the safety of sleeping on a latex pillow, please consult your doctor.

How often should I replace my latex pillow?

Heveya® latex pillows are very durable and can keep its support for 4-5 years. However, most sleep experts recommend to replace your pillows every 1-2 years to ensure they are supportive, clean, and free of allergens. Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your pillow.

Can I expose my latex pillow to direct sunlight?

As latex is a natural material that is sensitive to UV light, please avoid air drying your Heveya® pillow under direct sunlight. Strong exposure to sunlight will cause the latex to oxidize, which will ultimately distort the physical elements and lead to our latex products breaking down.

What is your return policy?

Our latex pillows are excluded from our return policy due to hygiene reasons.

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