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Here at Heveya®, we are equipped with the experience and expertise of customising a variety of mattress sizes tailored to our client's desires.

Bespoke extra large mattresses

Many of our clients, locals and expats alike; request a unique mattress dimension. We keep in mind the various sizes found across the globe for the term 'King Size' as seen here. These measurements can vary from several inches depending on which country you visit. Heveya®'s bespoke mattress service gives our clients the freedom to finally compliment their one-of-a-kind bed frame and even a slatted system that fits their extra-long mattress.

Dual firmness options are also available for selected mattress sizes. This means no more compromises on sleep comfort when you sleep with a partner. If one person wants a firmer mattress and the other wants a softer mattress, you can have it all enclosed within a single king-size mattress cover. With different firmness levels to choose from, you are sure to find the mattress which fits your body perfectly!

Upsize and downsize

Apart from customising longer mattresses for tall people, we also make them wider. A 2 x 2 meter mattress is a popular order amongst our clientele. More than that, a mattress of 3.6 meters wide is also included on our list of accomplishments.

On the other hand, we have plenty of clients that prefer living in a small and cozy environment. We understand the space is limited in smaller apartments - however, don't let it make you settle for an uncomfortable, low-quality bed. Simply let Heveya® take it from there! Give us the exact measurements you desire for your bed; we will help you downsize accordingly. Complete your dream sleep studio with trundle or bunk beds, as well as window bay cushions!

Yacht mattresses

A home-away from home! Usually, the standard size mattresses that come with recreational vehicles aren't always the most comfortable or durable. Heveya® customises mattresses for your yacht to meet your desires, and they fit perfectly into any space. Made from our signature organic latex, choose from a range of firmness levels that match your optimal comfort. Most importantly, quality and durability are a must; our mattresses are made to last.

Latex foam is the ideal material for water-based environments as it is mildew and dust mite resistant, provides excellent air circulation, and bends easily while transporting. This ultra-comfortable and supportive mattress is made from the sap of the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. This is why latex is a wonderful material for a yacht mattresses that are exposed to high humidity at sea.

For the little ones

Baby cots, playpens, and bassinets are often sold with PU foam mattresses that are not necessarily healthy. Unfortunately, they also come in non-standard sizes and shapes. Need to replace an oval shaped baby cot mattress? No worries, we can do that for you! Heveya® strives to create a naturally safe and non-toxic environment for your little one.

Safe for babies: our cot mattresses are solely made of natural latex rubber foam, harvested from the sap of organic rubber trees. No pesticides, heavy metals, VOCs or glues are used in the process. Have your tiny tots sleep peacefully on Heveya®'s medium-firm natural latex foam, designed for newborns throughout their toddler years!

Reviews on our custom-made beds!

  • We finally have the bed to fit the whole family!

    We were replacing our bed to fit our growing family, a bed big enough for two adults, two kids and two dogs. Heveya® had exactly the bed we wanted on display, but it was too narrow, so we ended up ordering both the mattress and slats for our size requirements.

    Aside from the size, we have a mattress that is medium firmness on one side, and firm on the other, and the slats can be adjusted as well to make the mattress feel more or less firm. Now think our mattress and bed base is awesome!

    Gabriella Still

  • The best mattress for my baby!

    I have slept on my Heveya® mattress for 2 years. When it was time to pick a baby cot mattress for Ari, naturally I chose Heveya® Junior baby cot mattress. It's organic, breathable and ensures my baby is safe from SIDS. The Heveya® team had the mattress customised to fit my Stokke crib. They managed to create a good fitting to the crib's oval shape. It was perfect!

    Anabel Chew

  • Excellent service and products!

    We were detailed in our brief: we wanted to customize an extra-long bed with a mattress that provided good back support, a motorised base, and a simple yet elegant frame. Only Heveya® met all our needs, everything was custom-made to a length of 220cm and a width of 180cm.

    The final product felt fantastic from day one. It’s been about two months now, and we love the overall comfort and back support of our latex mattress. Best of all, we wake up well-rested and without any aches or pains!

    Leon & Marian Janmaat

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