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Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattresses

With natural elasticity and progressive support, these 100% natural organic latex mattresses easily conform to your body shape and contour, aligning your spine in its natural position regardless of your sleeping position. They allow your body to relax and recuperate well during the night, leaving you refreshed and recharged every morning!

  • Dust Mite Resistant
  • Removable Bamboo Cover
  • Highly Durable
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Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress III



Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II



Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress



Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Topper



Natural materials for healthier sleep & pure-lasting comfort

Our commitment to quality and the environment ensures that all our mattresses are made solely from pure natural latex, devoid of any synthetic or blended materials, neither do we use shortcuts like ceramic powder or chalk that compromise mattress longevity and comfort. We take pride in collaborating with organic or FSC certified suppliers and in pioneering cooperations with agro-forestry plantations, raising the bar for sustainable rubber farming. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with metal-free construction, safeguarding you from electromagnetic radiation. Sleep peaceful, knowing you're resting on a truly safe and luxurious Heveya® mattress.

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